Wallace Whittle

Wallace Whittle is an independent environmental building services consultancy, and we provide sustainable environmental building services engineering solutions throughout the UK and beyond.

Our team of engineers in Belfast have expert technical and commercial knowledge in all aspects of Mechanical, Electrical and Public Health Engineering (MEP) design and consultancy services across all construction market sectors

We are passionate in our response to the global climate emergency, optimising performance and designing beyond compliance for Net Zero Carbon and Wellness and we can offer the full range of Sustainability Services such as Building Physics Analysis, Nett Zero Carbon and Energy Assessments, Overheating Analysis and BREEAM certification via our inhouse sustainability team

Our passion and commitment continue to drive our business forward as we face and meet the challenges of the global climate emergency. Designing towards Net Zero Carbon and delivering functional, sustainable infrastructure, buildings and communities that also embrace the need for healthy environments and occupant wellbeing forms the core of our business.

We are a people-focussed business and we are proud of our long-standing relationships with our clients and collaborators, built over decades of mutual trust and delivery. We are equally proud of our own people; they form the beating heart of our business, and they are our future.

Wallace Whittle have a company culture is that built upon Corporate Social Responsibility and we actively work to minimise the impact we and our operations have on people, and where possible have a positive impact on their lives.

We make a positive impact through:
• Ensuring Buildings and Community Spaces are Well Designed
• Reducing our Carbon Footprint
• Reducing Waste
• Supporting Local Communities
• Implementing Responsible Sourcing
• Promoting Equality and Diversity
• Supporting Local Communities
• Providing Exemplary Working Conditions and Benefits

Wallace Whittle

Suite 3 Bamford House, 91-93 Saintfield Road, Belfast, BT8 7HN

+44 (0) 330 460 5200'