SONI (System Operator for Northern Ireland) is Northern Ireland’s Transmission System Operator (TSO). We manage the electricity grid to ensure that power can flow from where it is generated to where it is needed.

We don’t generate or sell electricity, rather we balance consumer demand with the generation made available by the companies who produce it.

Our team of experienced, expert engineers manage the electricity grid, second-by-second, every day of the year, to ensure power can flow safely, securely and reliably to homes, farms and businesses across Northern Ireland.

We also plan for Northern Ireland’s future energy needs by developing projects to upgrade and enhance the high-voltage electricity grid.

In delivering our role, we are licensed and regulated by the Utility Regulator and we work together to operate the All-Island Single Electricity Market with our counterparts in the Republic of Ireland.


12 Manse Road, Castlereagh House, Belfast BT6 9RT

028 90794336