Nemstar is a leading global learning and development company that offers a wide range of courses and services to individuals and organisations looking to upskill their workforce. With a focus on practical, hands-on learning, Nemstar’s expert trainers provide students with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape.

Whether you’re looking to develop new skills, prepare for a certification exam, or advance your career, Nemstar can help you achieve your goals. From exam preparation to mentoring, motivation, and ongoing support, we provide everything you need to accelerate your learning and take your career to the next level. Choose Nemstar to unlock your full potential today.

Cyber & Information Security courses for all learning levels

Nemstar offers a comprehensive range of learning solutions, from foundation to advanced masterclasses in ethical hacking and PenTesting through to C/CISO and C/CISCO leading to globally recognised industry certifications. Our team of cyber security experts work closely with our clients to build the trust, respect, and partnership required to deliver world-class Information Security and Cyber programmes.

What cyber courses do we provide in Belfast?

Nemstar offers a flexible learning experience to suit your needs, providing instructor-led interactive learning options online, on-site at your company, or in the classroom. While we understand the value of learning in different environments, we believe there’s nothing quite like live, in-person training. That’s why we have a dedicated classroom facility in Belfast, Northern Ireland, where we offer a comprehensive range of courses.

Our Belfast-based classroom courses provide an immersive and engaging learning experience. We offer three breaks throughout the day, ensuring that our students have ample time to recharge and refresh. Additionally, we provide refreshments for each delegate to help them stay focused and energised throughout the training.

At Nemstar, we strive to provide the optimal learning environment, whether you’re looking to learn remotely or in-person. Choose Nemstar and join us in Belfast for a personalised and impactful learning experience.

How do we prepare each delegate for success?

At Nemstar, we believe in setting our students up for success. That’s why each delegate that enrolls with us undergoes a check to ensure they meet all prerequisites and are at the level required to study on their chosen course and pass their exam.

If we find that a candidate is not at the necessary level yet, we will advise them on the correct course before enrolling to ensure they have the foundational knowledge needed to succeed. This approach ensures that all delegates are learning at the same pace and have every opportunity to succeed.

At Nemstar, we’re committed to providing an exceptional learning experience and helping our students achieve their goals. We believe that by ensuring our students have the right foundation, we can help them maximise their potential and become successful in their chosen field. Choose Nemstar for expert guidance and personalised support in your learning journey.


River House Belfast, 48-60 High Street, Belfast, Antrim, BT1 2BE