Lagan Specialist Contracting Group

‘Lagan’ is a 3rd Generation family-owned group of companies, established in 1962 and headquartered in Belfast.

Lagan designs, builds, operates and maintains critical infrastructure and housing throughout Ireland, Great Britain, The United States and Internationally.

Under the ‘Lagan’ brand we specialise in Airports, Highways, Water, Waste water & Renewable Energy projects.

Throughout our history we have completed the acquisition of several other well-known Belfast based Construction companies.

H&J Martin was founded in 1839 (184 years ago) in Belfast and acquired by Lagan in 2015. H&J Martin is responsible for the construction and refurbishment of some of Irelands finest buildings, including Belfast City Hall. H&J Martin today specialises in Facilities Management, Fit-out and building private and social housing.

Charles Brand was founded in 1829 in Montrose, Scotland. Charles Brand is responsible for building a significant portion of the Scottish railway network, including the Glasgow underground, before relocating to London in 1920 to build the London Underground. Post World War 2, Charles Brand diversified into the Marine sector, relocated its Headquarters to Belfast in the 1980’s and was acquired by ‘Lagan’ in 1994.

Charles Brand today continues to specialise in building Rail Infrastructure, Marine Infrastructure, Telecoms networks and Utilities in Northern Ireland and Great Britain.

Lagan Specialist Contracting Group

Rosemount House, 21-23 Sydenham Rd, Belfast, BT3 9HA

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