International Business Centre Ltd

International Business Centre Ltd is a local company with a strong international reach. Maybe you play guitar, ukulele or another musical instrument? Have you ever wondered how these companies find factories and manage their production? That’s where IBC comes in!!

IBC specialises in matching guitar, ukulele and other musical instrument brands with manufacturing partners in Europe, USA, Asia and S. America. Our expertise lies mainly within the music industry, but we’re open to other challenges. We manufacture OEM and ODM for many products including:

Guitars of all description
Guitar Accessories
Brass and Woodwind
With over 30 years’ experience and associates based in the USA and Asia, we are well placed to help both major brands or small house brands to find key manufacturing partners. Our customers are in the UK, USA, Europe, S. America and UAE.

We can open up manufacturing doors in UK, Europe, China, Indonesia, S. Korea, India, Vietnam, Eastern Europe and many other places.

In addition, we have vast international sales experience having represented some of the world’s leading brands such as Lowden Guitars, Larrivee Guitars, Iona ukuleles, Fishman Transducers and many more.

International Business Centre Ltd

1 Millreagh, Dundonald, BT16 1TJ

44 (0) 7785 295483