HLM Architects

We have a proud history of producing architecture that helps improve people’s lives.

Our design philosophy puts people at its centre.

We use our creativity to unlock the potential within each project to be the best it can, often working within strict financial restrictions, and always thinking about the whole life of a project, along with the impact on the people who will experience it.

It is our mission to delight as well as satisfy our clients and that often means going beyond the brief, being innovative, and thinking about people’s emotional response to the built environment.

We strive to create buildings that respond to their context and climate, as well as our client’s budget, with a focus on exploiting opportunities to make memorable places.

Consequently, we don’t have a ‘signature-style’. Every design evolves as a solution to a unique set of challenges that we approach with ‘signature-thinking’ – this is a creative, thoughtful, and fun process that allows the character and ideas of each project to flourish in their own

delightful way.

We call this ‘Thoughtful Design’.



Contact details:

Main contact: Jessica O’Neill

Role: Bid Coordinator

Email: Jessica.oneill@hlmarchitects.com

Contact Number: 028 9044 5703

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