Factor Law

Factor is a legal services business which has created an entirely new category of legal services blending the best of Traditional Law, New Law and In-house to deliver complex legal work at scale.

Our people are masters of their craft, powered by proven processes, enabled by technology, and made more effective by data-driven insights. Our goal is to break the forced trade-offs between expertise and efficiency, risk and cost, speed and safety.

Our mix of expertise, efficiency and integration uniquely position us to solve for transactional legal work that is both complex and recurring – the core workload that often buries in-house legal teams and contracting functions.

With an industry-leading executive team and over 600 lawyers, contract experts, technologists, and process consultants, Factor operates from New York, Chicago, London, Belfast, and Wroclaw.

Factor Law

Lincoln Building, Great Victoria Street, Belfast, BT2 7SL

+44 28 9592 5359'