ExportExplore Limited

More than fifty companies work with us yearly to research Exporting to UK & Ireland for their products and services. Whether selling direct to customers or identifying the correct importers or distributors, we have their back and walk with them through the process. We are constantly growing our network of partners and industry-specific experts; let us be your cheat code to export success.

In-Market Representation for Exporting to UK & Ireland
Wherever you are global, if you have a story to tell in the United Kingdom or Ireland, we can help you tell it. We professionally represent firms seeking to sell directly or secure commercial partnerships with resellers or distributors.

Market Research
What does the scale of opportunity look like for you in a new market? What are the barriers to entry? And when you get there, who will you be fighting it out within the physical and digital environment? We can help you find out if you like.

Importers and Distributors
We can support the screening and qualification of potential distributors and partners identified in our markets. We can carry out background checks, company references and interviews on behalf of our clients.

Trade Shows and Events
Be it an international trade show, a private dinner, a pitch event, or a networking opportunity. We can support your organisation to get the right people in the room, focus on the key themes, and support follow-up activity.

Digital by Design

We don’t consider digital to be an additional service; we have always supported our projects and events with digital market analysis, SEO assessments and content creation, including written, audio and video content creation.

ExportExplore Limited

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