David Meade Events

David Meade Events is an events company based in Holywood, Co. Down. Trusted by the world’s biggest brands and with over 15 years of experience, David specialises in creating bespoke keynote sessions in collaboration with your company strategy, goals, and values.

Your delegates will learn how to use simple, cutting-edge scientific research on high performance, leadership, persuasion & influence, mindset, and motivation to improve the way they think and act every day. And more importantly, they’ll have fun at the same time!

Our sister company Lightbulb Teams offer team building experiences that will push your team to the edge of their comfort zone, while also providing them with a sense of purpose with the give back element of the activities. Teams will work together to build prosthetic hands or lifesaving water filters that are donated to recipients across the developing world. Visit Lightbulb Teams at: https://lightbulbteams.com/

These hugely challenging and rewarding programmes prove that attitude and determination to tackle problems can make a positive and life changing impact to those less fortunate.

We offer hosting, keynotes and team builds that capture your people, drive change, and live in their hearts and minds for years to come.

David Meade Events

Twisel River Studios, 18 High Street, Holywood, Down, BT18 9AD

028 9072 6042