Datactics is an award-winning software & services firm specialising in the areas of data quality and matching.

Our solutions help banks and government departments who are saddled with very large, very messy sets of data to self-serve for better quality data into functions such as regulatory compliance or business intelligence and reporting. These areas often struggle to solve their data quality problems with traditional competitor tools that are focused on IT users, rather than the business users Datactics seeks to empower.

In the past few years, we have recruited several major Tier 1 investment banks, information vendors, government departments, retail banks and wealth management firms, all using our software on long-term multi-year deals to drive up the quality of their data assets.

Our self-service platform requires no programming or coding skill, with built-in intelligent automation and integration to a wide array of data sources. The platform also enables Chief Data Officers and Heads of Regulatory Reporting to measure and report on their data quality; to match data across multiple sources and systems to generate a “Single Customer View;” and to remediate and fix that data.

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