Climate Essentials

Climate Essentials is a platform-as-a-service start-up, enabling the transition to net zero for the private and public sectors with our award-winning carbon intelligence platform. We empower businesses and regional ecosystems to manage their carbon footprint and drive global action against climate change.


Collaborating with over 15 public sector bodies and supporting more than 1,000 organisations, we have reduced over 14,000 tonnes of CO2e and saved approximately £300,000 in energy costs.
Our platform enables businesses to:

·         Measure and track their carbon emission

·         Visualise and benchmark their organisation

·         Understand how to reduce their carbon emissions

·         Build a tailored emissions reduction plan

The Climate Essentials platform is more than a basic carbon calculator, it provides a comprehensive assessment of a business’s carbon emissions. After inputting data, businesses are able to benchmark their organisation across their industry, identify carbon hotspots, and receive a tailored reduction plan, giving them the visibility to make data-driven decisions for emission reduction.

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Climate Essentials

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