Celsio Limited

Celsio enables you to find ways to improve, grow, or renew your business through innovation.

Celsio was borne out of the frustration with current approaches to corporate innovation, which tend to be tactical in nature and simply focussed on generating new ideas. Innovation isn’t simply about new ideas – it’s more, much more. It’s about leadership, vision, and the development of the right skills and competencies to create a sustained culture of innovation.

Our simple process builds value by working with our clients in three key areas
1. Creation of a robust innovation strategy aligned to corporate objectives.
2. Development of your team’s capability and confidence to think differently.
3. Application of proven techniques and tools to add value through innovation.

Our approach is underpinned by international best practice in the form of ISO 56002:2019, the internationally accepted standard for innovation. ISO 56002 defines innovation in the form of an Innovation Management System (IMS), a framework for innovation excellence, and Celsio uses technology to accelerate the pace of change and to achieve goals faster.

Celsio’s Innovation Management System (CIMS) is a world first, all-encompassing, solution for managing innovation within an organisation. CIMS incorporates a wide range of tools that accelerate skills development and change within a business, and that make innovation stick.

Our experienced team specialise in innovation and business transformation and will set you on a path to sustained and successful innovation. Drawing on decades of experience across a wide range of sectors, we help you to design and instil a culture of innovation appropriate to you, enabling you to drive change in support of your corporate goals.

We don’t want you to have to rely on us for the long term. Our job is to get you started, help you set direction, develop your skills, and prepare the innovation champions on your team to drive company change from within.

Celsio Limited

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