Bravo Outdoor

Bravo Outdoor Ltd is a locally based media owner with over 4 decades of experience in the Out of Home Media Market. The company has multiple media advertising assets across the province and is proud of having some of the most iconic and prestigious advertising locations in Northern Ireland. Our mantra has always been all about location, location, location and quality over quantity.

Bravo Outdoor has a bold vision to periodically change the assets it controls from traditional platforms to digital. DOOH (Digital out of Home) continues to be among the fastest growing markets globally. The DOOH market achieves a steady and positive level of growth every year and has become one of the most flexible and dynamic ways to broadcast to your primary market.

The company is proud to have well established relationships with specialists and agencies and high quality assets that are not only attractive to large global brands but leave enough space for smaller local businesses.

Bravo Outdoor


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