Born and Bred

Born and Bred creates a playful gifting experience that reminds you of what it’s like to be Irish, whilst highlighting the best of Irish talent through a carefully curated and culturally relevant showcase – we’re actually class.

Born and Bred is a leading gifting brand that exists to showcase the best of Irish creative talent. We’ve a reputation for breaking the mold and saying what we think, but you know what? That’s just us.

We are a family of loyal and talented people who place the needs of our customers at the core of what we do because this is what we’re known for. We’re as likely to tell you the label of your knickers is poking out as we are to give you advice on the best candle scent for your friends new house.

We love where we’re from and are proud to call it home, everyday. That’s why regular customers, first time visitors, large organisations and tourists all drop by the shop or visit us online. They know when they shop with us they’re getting a genuine gift that’s been curated by us and created by the talent that only the island of Ireland can bring to the world.

We’re passionate, playful and believe everyone has an equal standing in the world. Most of all we love what we do.

We are Born and Bred…

Born and Bred

60 - 62 Ann Street, Belfast BT1 4EG

+44 (0) 2890 230475