Enhancing Productivity for Economic Growth and Balanced Development

The Belfast Chamber hosted a roundtable event which focused on productivity. In attendance included Economy Minister Conor Murphy and US Special Envoy to Northern Ireland for Economic Affairs, Joe Kennedy.

Speaking afterwards the Minister said:  “My Economic Vision identified four key objectives, one of which is to raise productivity.  This is important because productivity is a fundamental driver of overall living standards, and it is also vital to realising my other three objectives.  Productivity underpins good jobs, promotes regional balance and, if we are to protect living standards as we move towards net zero, then we must raise productivity. 

“This event was a great opportunity to focus minds of how to maximise opportunities to make our economy more productive.”

US Special Envoy Joe Kennedy added “Delighted to support Minister Murphy in these economic objectives contained within his economic vision. There is a need to collectively nurture and accelerate the enormous opportunity for investment and growth in Northern Ireland”.

Business leaders from a wide range of sectors participated in the event including Health & Life Sciences, Construction, Manufacturing and Financial Services. This input is timely as the Programme for Government is currently being drafted.

Gavin Annon, President, Belfast Chamber concluded “Belfast Chamber is delighted to lead the way to help mobilise this important economic initiative. This was a great opportunity for our members to share their experience and knowledge as we help to ensure the Minster’s objectives are delivered.”

Notes to Editors