TLT’s Employment Law Focus – Thinking differently: neurodiversity and work

UK law firm TLT has released the latest episode of their Employment Law Focus podcast. Employment partner, Jonathan Rennie, and senior knowledge lawyer, Sarah Maddock, look at neurodiversity: a range of conditions which affect how people think, process and interpret information. This affects around 15% of people but, until fairly recently, has not been widely considered in the workplace. They also ask questions about how employers deal with employees using natural language AI bots such as ChatGPT to do their work.

Traditional workplaces are often designed by and for a neurotypical society, which can negatively affect employees who are neurodivergent and prevent them from thriving at work. Understanding the differing needs of each person in your workplace will help to adjust practises to ensure every employee is equipped to perform to the best of their ability.

They discuss the important role that employers play in the lives of people who are neurodivergent and what best practice can look like in the modern workplace.

The episode looks at:

  • what neurodiversity actually means
  • benefits from attracting candidates who are neurodivergent
  • supporting development at work
  • how employers can manage the hidden nature of these conditions
  • what additional things need to be considered if an employment tribunal claimant has a neurodiverse condition?

All Employment Law Focus episodes and transcripts are available on the TLT website or via your podcast apps.



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