Titanic Suites sees 100 Per Cent Growth & the Return of Office Workers

Leading serviced office provider, Titanic Suites, has experienced a 100 per cent growth in new clients over the past nine months and reported a 94 per cent return of current clients to their offices in recent weeks.

The flexible office provider, which is housed in a former, Victorian linen mill behind Belfast City Hall, has also introduced additional benefits for all clients, in a bid to support businesses as they recover from the pandemic.

During a recent visit at Titanic Suites, Simon Hamilton, Chief Executive, Belfast Chamber of Trade and Commerce Limited stated,

“Titanic Suites are a valued member of the Belfast Chamber, so it is great to see their recent success and growth after what I know has been a difficult period.

The excellent accommodation at Titanic Suites plus the investments they’ve made will be perfect for many businesses as they adapt to different, more flexible operating models.

As Belfast continues to recover from the pandemic, businesses like Titanic Suites will be key to the city’s future growth.”

Speaking about the 100% growth rate, Gary Strain, Head of Business and Sales, Titanic Suites said:

“We are absolutely delighted to see a real buzz return back to Belfast City Centre and a return to office workers in the city.

“The past few months have seen us experience a real steady growth, which is just fantastic. We now want to do all we can to support businesses as they return to bricks and mortar and virtual offices.

“We have seen a big increase in both enquiries and new lets, with more and more people wanting to get back to the office as soon as possible.

“I believe this marks the start of a new dawn for businesses returning to the office and adapting a more hybrid approach for staff and business owners.

“Huge rent and rates are no longer an option for many businesses, who now want flexible terms, options of a virtual office, call answering services, access to meeting rooms and admin support for the entire team.

The past few months have seen Titanic Suites invest around £100k in new technology, high-tech interactive touch screens and a new state-of-the-art telephone system. Office makeovers, coupled with high-speed broadband for excellent connectivity, and a new medical-grade air purification system in each meeting room, means the building is now a very attractive proposition for any businesses looking for that flexible option.

Catriona O’kane, Client Services & Development at Titanic Suites, continued: “The majority of new clients are businesses that are coming to the end of their traditional lease or are working from home and are attracted to the flexibility that the serviced office option offers. We are seeing a huge spike in businesses adopting the hybrid model approach.

“We have seen demand for both smaller companies who want rooms for a small team, and indeed the larger open-plan offices for growing companies, with adaptable term lengths for all.

“We have invested heavily in our services over the past few months with our building makeover and a new telephone phone system which allows our client’s calls to be answered remotely as well as in the building.

“Our Virtual office service allows clients to work remotely from anywhere in the world, whilst holding a registered Northern Ireland address.

“I believe our strength lies in our ability to tailor each businesses’ office solution bespoke to them, and I feel that is going to be very important as we emerge out of lockdown.

Titanic Suites are running an exclusive offer with many additional benefits, including meeting room hours and dedicated internet, to welcome businesses back to the office!

Visit https://www.titanic-suites.com for further details.