Belfast Chamber has encouraged people to support businesses in Belfast as they start to reopen after being closed for more than 4 months.

Commenting in advance of the opening of retail and some hospitality businesses this Friday, Belfast Chamber Chief Executive Simon Hamilton said, “When retail and hospitality businesses in Belfast and right across our region closed their doors on Christmas Eve and entered another lockdown, no one anticipated that they’d be shut for more than 4 months. This Friday marks a hugely significant day for those businesses as they start to trade once again and is an important step back towards some semblance of normality in our city.

Belfast Chamber knows exactly what a difficult year it has been for many of our members. In some cases, they been closed for many more days than they’ve been allowed to open.  They are much more than just businesses though. They are where our family, friends and neighbours work. They employ people from all parts of our city to pull pints, brew coffee and help us find the right gift for someone.  They are a unique mix of family-owned businesses, small independent shops and big brand namesthat all add up to make Belfast a brilliant destination.  Those business and the people who work there deserveour support.

Our city is opening again. Please visit and support those businesses who need your help now more than ever. When you shop in Belfast or share a drink or meal with friend in some of our great bars, cafes, pubs and restaurants, please remember to stay safe.  Businesses have worked hard to make Belfast a safe and enjoyable place and are ready welcome everyone once again”.