Northern Ireland Innovation Consultancy, Celsio Celebrates a Year of Continued Growth

Northern Ireland innovation consultancy, Celsio, was launched only one year ago as a tech start-up but is today celebrating an exceptional first twelve months.

Celsio, based in Belfast, works with businesses across Northern Ireland, Great Britain, ROI and USA to streamline their processes, create new approaches and to drive innovation.

Founded by managing partners Charlie Tuxworth and David Mawhinney, Celsio has worked with organisations of all sizes and from a wide variety of sectors to address their challenges and opportunities, providing business leaders with the tools, skills, and confidence to think differently about their business.

Clients of Celsio have included Danske Bank, KPMG, Cork City Council, Ulster University and Monaghan County Council. Celsio has also provided innovation expertise to the Digital Surge Programme on behalf of InvestNI and the 11 council authorities in Northern Ireland.

Over the past twelve months alone, Celsio has delivered innovation workshops to more than 500 companies and produced innovation strategies or roadmaps for over 100 of them by working with leadership teams and the wider workforce.

Charlie Tuxworth, managing partner, commented:

“Celsio was born out of frustration with traditional approaches to corporate innovation. David and I wanted to help business leaders discover new ways of working, address long standing issues, and exploit new business opportunities. We do this by ensuring their team builds the confidence and capability to innovate for the long term.”

Celsio’s approach is underpinned by ISO 56002:2019 – the standard that provides the international definition of what good looks like when it comes to systematic innovation. Charlie is part of the international working group that is developing the 56000 suite of standards and was involved in the launch of ISO56002 in Ireland.

David Mawhinney, managing partner, continued:

“It’s easy to forget that innovation is so much more than just new ideas – it also requires great leadership, a clearly defined strategy, and the development of skills needed to deliver change. We might work with one company to develop a full innovation strategy, with another on large-scale collaborative ideation challenges, and with another by facilitating creative workshops.

“Our clients come to us because they don’t want to limit their potential, or because they’ve had some success with idea generation or tactical innovation and are struggling to make it a part of their business as usual.”

Charlie added:

“Change is inevitable. New technologies, systems, and ways of thinking are coming at us thick and fast and are transforming the way the world works. Organisations must adapt if they are to survive and thrive. Celsio helps them to do that and to make innovation ‘sticky’ and part of business as usual.”

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