Member Profile: Minnis Brands

We’re a multi-brand fashion, leisure and sport agency. We pride ourselves on the service we offer and the customer and supplier relationships we’ve built over 40 years in sales and distribution of leading consumer brands.

We’re connected with the best retail brands in the territory: United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland and Isle of Man.

Help prevent absenteeism in the workplace by protecting health and wellbeing.

Minnis Brands represent Airdog, the zero waste most effective and efficient air purification system on the market. Certified to kill viruses and capture particles down to 14 nanometers (Covid19 virus known to range in size from 50-200 nanometers). Airdog is suitable for offices, doctor surgeries, dentists, hotels, restaurants, schools, crèches, retail shops, public buildings, homes and more.

Airdog is unique and has many advantages over conventional air purification systems. It is more than about killing Covid19, it is about air quality! Airdog deliveries surgically clean air providing tangible results for health and wellbeing and can contribute to a happy, healthy, and more productive workforce.

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