Member Profile: MCL Consulting


Established in 2007, MCL Consulting is a trading name for McLorinan Consulting Ltd. are industry leaders in environmental consultancy and are based in Belfast City centre. Drawing from 25 years of local scientific experience, MCL Consulting offer high quality, client focused consultancy to a broad range of clients in Ireland and throughout the UK. These services are delivered by our in house team of twelve highly experienced scientists.

Q: What is your business?

A: MCL Consulting (McLorinan Consulting Ltd) is a multidisciplinary Environmental Consultancy, delivering 12 in-house services including Contaminated Land, Ecology, Flood Risk and Waste Management. Our team of experienced scientists and environmental engineers offer high quality, client-focused environmental consultancy to a range of clients from small enterprises to large companies.
We provide a solution in a planning process, contributing to the sustainable development in Northern Ireland, whilst at the same time keeping environmental issues at the forefront.
We have a diverse range of clients from architects, waste management companies, construction / developers, legal firms, planning consultants and engineers. We offer innovative approaches to investigating and solving environmental issues faced by our clients.

Q: How did you get into this business?

A: MCL Consulting (McLorinan Consulting Ltd) was founded in 2007 by well-known hydrogeologist and waste management consultant David McLorinan.

Q: How many people do you employ?

A: We are a multidisciplinary consultancy and we employ a staff of 12 people. Therefore we can offer a range of 12 in-house services.

Q: Who are your customers?

A: Our clients are mainly Architects, who have been asked to submit an environmental assessment before planning permission is granted. Our clients also include developers, planning consultants, engineers and waste management companies.

Q: How has business been for you over the past few years?

A: Over the last few years the business has grown steadily, with expansion into a wide range of environmental disciplines. The growth has been supported by a focus on graduate recruitment, and some of the graduates employed in the early years now form part of the senior scientific staff team advising on major developments. We have also invested more in marketing of our business, with growth and development being the focus.

Q: Have you any exciting plans for your business over the next 12 months? / What new services are you launching?

A: We have just launched a new microsite and service Through this service our qualified scientists will deliver workplace noise and/or air quality monitoring.

A workplace noise survey helps to you fulfil your legal duty of protecting employees from noise under the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005. Our assessment will look at how much noise employees are exposed to in certain areas or when carrying out particular tasks in the workplace. Occupational Noise Monitoring will help you to meet requirements but will also protect you and your employees from damage to your hearing as a result from noise exposure.

Workplace Air Monitoring measures your workforce’s exposure to airborne dust and gas. Results from this occupational air monitoring will allow you to assess whether exposures in the workplace are being adequately controlled. This is important to ensure staff are protected from inhaling substances that can be hazardous to health.