Growing the apprenticeship culture in Northern Ireland: Workplus prepares for 2021 campaign

Workplus - an organisation which brings together employers and apprentices - is preparing for its 2021 campaign, which launches in January.

Workplus believes apprenticeships should be employer-led, that way ensuring relevant, fit-for-purpose apprenticeship pathways which address the talent requirements for growing sectors.

Director of Workplus, Richard Kirk, says apprenticeships are an ideal way for a company to grow its talent; “This has been a challenging year for so many businesses but apprenticeships allow organisations to access fresh, enthusiastic new talent which can been trained and moulded to fit a company’s exact needs. For the apprentice, they have a job from the start, and they can earn and learn. Therefore, both parties greatly benefit from an apprenticeship.”

“Rightly, there is much discussion as to how we rebuild and recover from the impact of the pandemic in terms of the economy and employment. Rebuilding in a way that embeds a culture of employer-led apprenticeships across all sectors in Northern Ireland ensures that we are creating more employment opportunities and growing talent pipelines for thriving sectors.”

Richard added, “Apprenticeships are the purest form of collaboration between employers, education providers, government and aspiring apprentices. At a time when young people are expressing concerns about their future and many have lost their jobs, we hope that the Workplus campaign will raise awareness of the excellent opportunities available through an apprenticeship pathway.”

Workplus makes it easier for employers to find apprentices and for people to find apprenticeships because it creates a platform through which employers can promote their opportunities more widely and in a more cost effective way. Employers get access to a wider talent-pool than they are able to find on their own and can shortlist more easily through the applicant dashboard.

Companies interested in being part of the 2021 campaign should visit the Workplus website for further information or to arrange a call with one of the Workplus team.