Food Possibilities Social Enterprise are on the pursuit for a commercial partner to join them

Joyfully unlocking all the benefits food can bring

Food Possibilities is a social enterprise that provides a service to companies that enables them to

  • grow their social and environmental capital
  • deliver a sustainability agenda through measurable impact on societal wellbeing
  • be a purpose-led organisation

It does this through a unique, evidence-based framework and implementation mechanism that enables citizens from business, community, government and academia to co-design and deliver impactful action.   Collective agency is considered, personal and professional capacity and resources are determined and a relevant food-based programme is co-delivered and its impact robustly measured.

Participation in the programme is free of charge to users and designed to ensure accessibility and relevance to those living in socially disadvantaged areas. Delivery partners include local councils, women’s centres, social supermarkets, school teachers, principals, food growers/producers, parents, children, charities, other social enterprises.

The framework for the food-based programme is based on research findings and incorporates well- established behaviour change techniques. It focuses on creating food-based experiences across multiple environments (schools, homes, workplaces, women’s centres, local places) that are designed to improve social, emotional and physical wellbeing. The focus is the delivery of multiple, joyful food experiences that immediately make individuals feel happier and healthier, in ways that are relevant to their personal contexts.  This approach inspires new, sustainable, healthier food behaviours, at scale.

To utilise this service companies pay an initial joining fee which supports the co-development of a specific programme which they subsequently sponsor.  This sponsorship requires quarterly payments that support the implementation and evaluation of their ongoing programme. A minimum commitment of 18 months is necessary.

This is different from other food based programmes because it enables collective, informed, impactful action involving people across all sectors. Rather than words. It is strategic and leverages the power of existing practice, as well generating innovative action, by fully leveraging the lived experiences, skills and assets of all those involved.  It is evaluated using validated, independent measures. This is exceptionally rare.  It includes clear governance that is aligned to existing policy. The business model and collective mechanism enables sustainable, scalable action.  It is not a one off small, short, unevaluated intervention, run in one centre. It is not payable by schools, families or community organisations. This is an active strategic solution to the highly called for multi- stakeholder approach to address the food-related challenges of our time; obesity, type 2 diabetes, cancer, food poverty, health inequalities and climate change.


An upcoming workshop to co-design their next programme will be held on 9 May 2022.

Businesses of all sizes and from all sectors are welcome.

For more information and how to get involved please contact Dr Danielle McCarthy (