Empowering Businesses and Workforces with Game-Changing E-Bike Leasing

Achieving sustainability and employee wellbeing targets has just become easier thanks to U:Move E-Bikes.

As a business mobility specialist, U:Move’s innovative leasing and reporting solutions are transforming workforces to be more active in a financially efficient way that is enabling Belfast’s businesses to cultivate a healthy and active culture.

Belfast firm U:Move E-Bikes are aiming to revolutionise workforce mobility, while supporting corporate sustainability and employee wellbeing. Operating alongside Ulster Universities expanded Belfast campus in York Lane, they are not what you would consider a typical bike store! U:Move operates as an Experience Store that has a continental approach aimed at creating a relaxed atmosphere, blending a high-end car showroom with a relaxed coffee shop, where customers are encouraged to join in on Experience Rides, building confidence and knowledge.

With increased city centre investment, and plans to significantly increase the number of city dwellers, U:Move are vividly aware of the modal shift occurring. The operating focus is on the Belfast business sectors. They see a clear opportunity to support a population less reliant on cars and the benefits active travel brings at an individual and corporate level, with products that are in direct response with city-specific and commuter options.

A new range of finance options enable local companies to translate ambitions into reality, removing many of the barriers to entry such as capital investment and resourcing.

Dr Darren Quinn, Founder and Director, of U:Move said:

“We see and know the benefits this can bring and so we wanted to create an almost irresistible and simple offer for companies, that made fiscal sense. We believe E-Bike business leasing will be a game-changing moment for companies. It is new to NI and exclusive to U:Move. It operates in a similar concept to business car leasing. It is highly tax efficient with 100% relief, but also provides full-service support and insurance. This culminated with the physical and wellbeing benefits, means that staff are not only happier and healthier, but have a greater sense of connection to the company. Companies are then supported with business reporting to quantify their impact, demonstrating their commitment to a more sustainable Belfast.

We see U:Move as that one stop solution, from staff experience sessions through to business reporting. Imagine your employees riding through the city on sleek, branded E-Bikes, proudly representing your business while showcasing your commitment to a greener Belfast. It’s a powerful statement that resonates with customers, clients, and the community at large.”

To learn more about U:Move E-Bikes and how they can benefit your business, please visit their website at www.umoveebikes.com, or contact Darren direct at umovee-bikes@outlook.com. Let’s ride towards a cleaner, greener Belfast!