Bodyscape Health Club fits anti-viral air-conditioning

Bodyscape Health Club has completed the installation of a new anti-viral air-conditioning system. The health club, which is located at Crowne Plaza, has worked with local firm Aircon to fit new air-conditioning which is proven to inhibit air-borne viruses.

Simon Millar, club manager at Bodyscape said: ‘We take the health and wellbeing of our patrons very seriously. We have procedures for safe operating as we open on 30 April. These include social distancing and maximum capacity thresholds for the gym and pool. So now we are delighted to have upgraded our air-conditing and provided enhanced natural ventilation to provide an even greater level of safety and comfort for members’.

Neil Capes, Service Manager at Aircon, explained:  ‘The new air-conditioing uses Nanoe X technology, which is internationally validated. The principle of this technology is the use of Hydroxyl radicals (also known as OH radicals) which neutralise viruses and bacteria.

‘Hydroxyl radicals are unstable molecules looking to react with other elements like hydrogen, capturing it.

Thanks to this reaction, Hydroxyl radicals inhibit the growth of pollutants such as bacteria, viruses, moulds, and odours, breaking them down and neutralising the unpleasant effects. This naturally occurring process has major benefits to improve indoor environments.

Neil said: ‘The effectiveness of nanoe™ X Technology has been tested by 3rd party laboratories in Germany, Denmark, Malaysia and Japan and has been found to be 99.7% effective in inhibiting airborne viruses.

‘We have also upgraded the natural ventilation system at the health club and this now provides multiple air changes per hour of fresh air into the gym area.‘

Bodyscape Health Club is owned and amanged by Andras Hotels, Belfast largest hotel group. Director of Andras Hotels, Rajesh Rana, said ‘We are delighted to opening Bodyscape Health Club with this enhanced measure to provide the highest level of reassurance to club members and hotel guests. We asked Aircon to install a system that uses technology offering the highest level of protection,  not just now but for years to come.

‘This work completes a £400k investment in the health club. We have completely transformed the gym with all new equipment and a more spacious layout, ensuring a safe environment for all users. The pool has had a major refurbishment and the studios are set reopen as soon as classes are permitted.

Rajesh concluded: ‘Bodyscape Health Club will open on 30 April and our team and I are very excited to be welcoming our first guests to our new facility, confident in the knowledge that we are providing the highest possible level of safety’.

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