Belfast Hustings – business asks local government to help the economy flourish

Today Belfast Chamber and FSB held the Belfast Business Hustings event where business owners urged council candidates to drive improvements, so local government can work smarter and improve the economic environment for businesses.

Commenting following the event, FSB NI Regional Chair, Brendan Kearney said:

“Today’s hustings provided an excellent opportunity for business owners to engage directly with candidates, on issues which affect the day to day running of their business.

“We recognise that resources are limited, however whether it’s ensuring procurement processes are SME friendly, that small businesses are paid on time, or that planning applications are efficiently managed, there are ways in which local government can improve the business climate without spending a penny extra.

“We hope that the political representatives took this message on board and will act positively if they are trusted by the electorate to represent them on Belfast City Council.”

President of Belfast Chamber, Rajesh Rana said:

“The recent Bank Buildings fire and subsequent response, demonstrated the need for local government and business to work collaboratively to overcome common issues. In that spirit, the engagement today was very useful, allowing businesses to share their concerns on trading hours, licensing, and the burden of business rates – with those seeking election to Belfast City Council.

“If we create an environment where businesses can flourish, then it will not only make Belfast a more prosperous city, driving employment and wealth creation, but it will also affect real positive change for the wider community also.”