75 chances to get a Head Start – Work+

Today, A-Level results day, marks the beginning of a 12 day window from 18-29 August where those looking to explore an alternative to full-time college or university can apply for apprenticeships in:


? banking

? business

?‍♀️ civil engineering

? construction

? finance

⚖️ legal

⚙️ manufacturing

? marketing

? sales

? software development


My Head Start helps our society re-imagine apprenticeships.

As a means of accessing a career ladder, apprenticeships should no longer be viewed as less valuable than full-time college or university. Importantly, as the theme name suggests, they enable people to get ahead in their career.

Richard Kirk, CEO of Workplus, said, “These roles are for school leavers and career changers, for high academic achievers and for those with lower grades. An apprenticeship is about having a job from the start, and provides a superb blend of working and learning, with clear career progression and dedicated mentoring. The apprenticeship culture is growing and changing. At Workplus, we are working with more companies than ever before, with more organisations across the sectors catching the vision for apprenticeships.”

Ellie Glackin, who is doing a Higher Level Apprenticeship in Civil Engineering at AECOM, said, “I’m really enjoying my apprenticeship – it’s a great opportunity to be on a clear career path, earn and continue education. The Workplus application process is simple and makes it so much easier to find the right apprenticeship.”

Applicants can expect:

  • A salary, straight out of school
  • No student debt
  • Hands-on learning experiences
  • Recognised qualifications, paid in full by government

Applications are open from 18-29 August.