Farhad O’Neill

Farhad O'Neill is a full-time,  professional visual artist with over 28 years of experience and a portfolio which is both national and international in scope.  He is a multi-disciplinary artist, with a focus however on sculpture as public monuments and as private commissions.  His other applied artistic skills take in drawing, illustration, mural creation, projection art, installation, calligraphy/typography, and illuminated manuscripts.  Used to working with a variety of stakeholders within the public and private sector, the artist has gained major public commissions from churches, city and municipal councils, school boards, diplomatic and semi-diplomatic agencies, as well as from a host of community groups.  He is equally comfortable creating for the stand alone public/private art piece and for community based projects. He has also worked as a curator of exhibitions, and as a producer of music salons and multidisciplinary creative events. He enjoys staying fit, reading, and music.


Having opened his first sculpture studio on the Crumlin Road in Belfast in 1995, he career has taken himself and his artwork to America, Barbados, Germany, England, Scotland, Tunisia, Cyprus, Canada, Jordan, and Spain.  His present studio is located in An Culturlann, Falls Road, Belfast.  Studio visits are encouraged.


The artist is interested primarily in public commissions and exhibitions, and can offer his extensive experience to commissioners and patrons in bringing a striking and modernist approach to fulfilment, on time and on budget.

Farhad O’Neill

An Culturlann
216 Falls Road

0737 903 8436


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