Aktivora NI

AKTIVORA NI LTD, has been trading from April 2020. Our company is a manufacture & supplier of a NON-ALCOHOL hand sanitiser & surface disinfectant that destroys pathogens/viruses on all surfaces.

The structure of Aktivora is made up from plant bases ingredient coconut oil & corn oil, our product goes through a special process that changes the structure of the molecules therefore giving the unique protective bio film that repels pathogens/viruses giving up 24 hours protection.

Aktivora NI LTD is launching a new range of products this year to combat EQUINE FLU (horse flu), AVIAN FLU (bird flu) & BLACK MOULD.

Aktivora has launched an Air Purification Panel, the panel contains two filters and importantly an Ultraviolet light. This panel destroys any pathogens and germs that is drawn into it by the fan installed within the panel therefore creating a safe and virus free environment anywhere it is installed. It is ideal for offices, schools, waiting rooms and hospitality venues etc.

Aktivora NI LTD clients Translink, Irish Football Association, Galgorm, Northern Ireland Football League, Sports Writers Association, Ysess Electrical, Principality Stadium, Cardiff Blues, Newport Ospreys, Glamorgan Cricket Club. Great Ormond Street Hospital. Aktivora has also expanded to Canada, Vietnam, China & Europe.

Aktivora NI

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