ActionCOACH Belfast

We Coach business owners to realise their full potential; driving and creating sustainable, profitable growth and to enjoy the freedom to live their dreams. If we accept you and your Business as a Client, we also Guarantee agreed results from the outset.

We will work with you to provide clarity on what your business looks like in the near and long term, and plan exactly how we will deliver your goals. We will work closely on your business plan, sales and marketing strategies and build a reliable, high-performing and highly-engaged team. I've also been there.

In short, we know what you are going through and how to help you. It can take someone outside of your business to help you and your team gain the perspective you need, to focus on the priorities and strategies that will make a difference to the growth of your business - taking your business from good to great.

1. We will start by setting a clear vision for you personally and for your business
2. We will develop and implement a 90-day plan that will help breakdown longer term goals into smaller milestones
3. We will drive accountability to drive the change that is needed
4. We will plan and structure our Coaching sessions, so that we are able to work through the strategies we have agreed - efficiently

Coaching isn’t for everyone and for those that do want coaching though – and it is important to select the right coach for you. If you are open to new learnings and feel you and your business could be doing better, we would love to hear from you.

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ActionCOACH Belfast

Eagle Star House
5-7 Upper Queen Street

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