Adapting Customer Service During COVID Crisis

Starts 17th November 2020 at 10:00am
Ends 17th November 2020 at 12:00pm

“Eating at a local restaurant, going shopping, getting your hair done – none of these have been the same since the coronavirus pandemic commenced. With face masks, visors and social distancing – how do you continue to provide the best customer service to your customers? In this seminar, we discuss the different ways in which you can continue to provide great customer service by examining the core needs of the customer and ways in which a business can still meet these.”

The aim of this webinar in to provide ideas to local businesses as to how they can continue to provide quality customer service despite social distancing restrictions. The seminar will take the audience through various customer service scenarios and how they relate back to core customer needs. The aim is to provide solutions that meet these needs in a new and innovative way.

A local business will provide a short overview of its experience and how it has successfully adapted to meet the customer needs whilst providing excellent customer service – company to be determined.

The audience will be split into break out rooms to network and engage in a discussion around “How has customer service changed in your business? What worked and what didn’t?” We hope that this topic will provide common areas that businesses are struggling with and potential solutions to them. The overall discussions will be summarised by break out room hosts.