Lobbying government and policy makers

Belfast Chamber is proud to hold an impressive track record in lobbying on behalf of our members. We work closely with politicians, government departments and other organisations interested in the further development of Belfast as a vibrant capital of a prosperous Northern Ireland. We facilitate regular, vital and productive meetings with Ministers, MLAs and Councillors.

The Chamber has lobbied successfully on a diverse and important range of issues that affect a wide range of business people across the city.

Among its success stories the Chamber:

  • delivered the rates reduction of 50% for businesses occupying units that have been vacant for over a year
  • influences the timing of parades through and events in the City Centre to minimise the disruption to the business community
  • successfully lobbied for the development of Victoria Square Shopping Centre
  • worked with DSD (now Department for Communities) to enhance the public realm in the City Centre, including the Streets Ahead project, Bank Square and College Square
  • instigated the Backin’ Belfast campaign

Promoting the city centre

  • we played a vital part in creating the thriving City Centre that we now enjoy
  • we worked with Visit Belfast to secure £1m funding over five years, to promote the city as a major retail and leisure destination. This funding has been used for Christmas campaigns and marketing initiatives throughout each year
  • we were instrumental in setting up the Backin’ Belfast campaign. This was a crucial step at a difficult time, and our influence was brought to bear on the City Council, Government Departments and Agencies to generate funding for a unified campaign to attract visitors back into the city
  • Belfast Chamber is responsible for securing funding for a dedicated full time police presence in the City Centre, which would otherwise not exist. This City Centre Beat scheme has been successful in eliminating illegal street trading and creating a safe and secure environment
  • we also set up a radio-link scheme for retailers and bars to help them communicate with each other and control potential issues and threats
  • we have been instrumental in the delivery and funding of the Christmas lights and decorations
  • Belfast Chamber helped establish Belfast City Centre Management Ltd

Connecting business in the city

  • we help to provide a fertile business environment. Our members are able to enjoy unique networking opportunities including our Open House and Business Breakfast events, to develop and grow their businesses
  • we are an integral partner in the strategic alliance of major stakeholders who work hard to help Belfast thrive and flourish. Our partners include the City Council, Government Departments, Belfast City Centre Management, Belfast One and Visit Belfast
  • we hold training and information workshops for all members to help them learn and develop their skill sets

Celebrating Belfast business

We believe Business in Belfast is a great story that needs to be celebrated:

  • our annual Belfast Business Awards is a showcase gala event, highlighting the great strength and diversity of business in Belfast across all sectors
  • we also celebrate success and achievement with our prestigious President’s Awards, which are awarded to individuals and organisations who make a significant contribution to the business scene in the city