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 ikedock was established in 1994 from an “idyllic dream”. The dream was to live in a bicycle happy environment, similar to that enjoyed in cities like Amsterdam and Copenhagen.A lot to ask, you may say, but is it really?

Living in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Derek and Barbara Armstrong who founded the business, felt, that with some courage of conviction and a lot of hard work, they could contribute, if only in a small measure, to the dramatic transformation required from virtually no Cycling Culture at all, to one that resembles something that is moving towards a better lifestyle for all.

This was a completely different challenge for the Armstrong family who formerly created the first TV Broadcast Television Facility HETV in Northern Ireland in 1984, after 20 years in Ulster Television.

With their eldest son Neil, they opened a 2,000 sq ft cycle shop in Belfast in 1994, when it could be said that in Belfast, cycling was at a very low ebb. Good bike shops were in short supply and cycling was regarded by the masses as something only for those who could not afford a car. This was the starting point in the Cycle Industry for the Armstrong Family.

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